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Natalia Marin (born in 2003) is an independent art curator, medical student, aspiring researcher and emerging SciArtist, based in Bucharest, Romania. Her work focuses on the nexus between art and medicine, working with artists, doctors, researchers and academics from all around the world. Natalia Marin is the founder of therARTpy (Art, Healthcare and Technology), Romania's first network for art and medicine and system for technologically-facilitated collaborative research, and has curated several exhibitions fusing art and science, bridging the gaps between these two fields. Her aim is to advance science education and to improve the life quality of both patients and their healthcare providers, by using art as a powerful tool for connection, communication and collaboration.


Artist statement:

My artworks center around further developing healthcare practices by presenting human-powered innovation

in everyday life activities. Using sensory input in interactive art installations, I convert life into a digital tool, meant to improve it. My passion for various branches of science confronted me with the artistically unexplored sides of humanity and paradoxically showed me how close technology is to nature, in form, essence and even functionality. It showed me that the spirit can be somehow shaped, transformed and even preserved through certain applications of art.


Saint Sava National College Bucharest (Natural Sciences) | 2018-2022 

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Medical Degree) | 2022-2028

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz | 2022 August-September (Festival University)

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