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SET MY HEART ON FIRE; FUEL MY IDEAS is an intimate, intriguing, and interactive Arduino-based multimedia art installation. Using a proximity sensor it detects movement and transforms it into heartbeat. The 3D printed human heart (containing LED lights inside) starts beating with light impulses whenever it is touched or even only admired from close range. My main purpose was to create a direct dialogue between the artwork and the public, a dialogue about actions and consequences, a dialogue about love as a feeling responsible for generating new feelings, a dialogue about self-awareness and the way us humans perceive and interact with the surroundings. Just the way the heart can beat even outside the body, if it’s provided the necessary nutrients, art can function apart from science, but it needs it to add a true, palpable value to the beauty of the living world (and vice versa). Artists need the public just as much as the public needs creatives in order to filter and process reality.

Project realized within the Open Practice Society, program organized by the Qolony Association - Colony for Art and Science, financed by  Bucharest City Hall through Arcub

(c): Andrei Tudose
(c): Bogdan Marin
(c): Andrei Tudose
(c): Andrei Tudose
(c): Daniel Oprea
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